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Forest road by Robertiez

Bedtime Stories (Part I) by Farhad Ghaderi on Flickr.

"Bedtime Stories (Part I)"
I’ve had some ideas for a series about children’s dreams, stories and fables for a long time in my mind now and developed a few sketches. I was so excited to start shooting that I completely forgot about the original ideas, and at the end (as usual) the photo turned out totally different, but I like it. I even made a flower crown!! (which didn’t turned out as I wanted too). I expect to start creating these images and stories soon, with more patience and detail. 
It was a very special photo shoot this one. My whole family came and assisted me while shooting, and we chilled in the woods! I guess moms will never stop trying to tell us what or how to do things :)  and I actually enjoyed it. 
It was a nice and super different experience.

The Road To Larch Mountain
So we came two days early to Larch Mountain. The road was closed meaning I could lay down in the middle of it and take a photo. Win!

LARP: ocir supul II by solis-sacredotibus

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